Our Parks

Addison Park

Located on Chatsworth Avenue across from the elementary school and next to the CVS this shaded space provides a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of one of our busiest shopping districts. The park features mature shade trees, benches, and a strolling path.

Constitution Park

The revitalized Constitution Park is now open to the public. Located next to Village Hall and a neighbor to the Library, several houses of worship, FASNY, and our commercial area, the park features benches, a promenade, commons area, children’s grove, sculpture garden, and a new gazebo.

Kane Park

A beautiful tree-lined gateway park on the Boston Post Road, Kane park features a gazebo, natural grass plantings, and newly planted perimeter trees and is a popular walking route for commuters going to school or the train.

Flint Park

The Village of Larchmont’s main recreation park, Flint Park boasts several playing fields and baseball fields for our local sports programs, a beautiful nautical-themed playground, a back marshland preserve as well as tennis courts available to the community.
Palmer Park

Palmer Park

A cozy park nestled in the heart of the Palmer business district, Palmer park boasts a shaded spot to rest after dining or shopping on Palmer Avenue. Palmer Park offers visitors to the village a respite when downtown.
Pine Brook Park

Pine Brook Park

Park of the Pine Brook neighborhood of town, the Pine Brook Park has a lovely playground and sandbox for small children, and a t-ball field for local games. The park provides a walking link for the community to the train and to the DeCicco’s shopping area.
Turtle Park

Vanderburgh (Turtle) Park

Turtle Park enjoys visitors from surrounding homes and apartments close to the Palmer Avenue district. Thanks to the Turtle Park Project and generous donations of the community, the park now boasts a new ADA accessible playground as well as picnic tables, sandbox and more. 
Willow Park

Willow Park

A true neighborhood park, Willow Park is located at the dead end of Willow Avenue and features a playground and swing set for small children as well as a vast field for light recreation. Visitors to this park enjoy sweeping views of a tidal marsh that brings water in from the Long Island Sound.

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